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Lien Removal Attorney in Jamaica, NY

Is a Legal Claim Blocking Your Ability to Sell?

If you’re trying to sell a property, a lien discovered against it can bring the whole process to a halt and scare away the potential buyer – or worse, future buyers. If you’re aware of a lien on a property you have on the market or discovered one while engaging with a potential buyer, get legal assistance immediately.

The lien removal attorney in Jamaica, NY at the Law Office of Ehsanul Habib can discuss your situation with you and provide options that can help you take a lien off of your property. When you reach out to us, you’ll receive a free consultation in person or over the phone, and it’s possible that we can arrange a same-day appointment when you call.

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What Exactly Is a Lien?

A lien is a legal claim placed on your property by creditors when you have any outstanding debt. When a lien is placed against your home or a commercial property, it will specify how much you owe to your creditor. If you don’t remove a lien in time, your creditors can take ownership of your property.

Can I Sell a Property with a Lien on It?

Technically yes, but it’s practically hard to do so. You can try to sell your home or commercial business with a lien on it, but buyers could be very dissuaded for several reasons. Key among them, however, is that a lien sticks to the property – not you. That means you’ll need to find a buyer who is aware of the lien and is ultimately willing to be responsible for it – either by raising an offer so that you’ll have enough equity from the sale to pay off the lien, or by taking on the burden themselves.

So, How Do I Remove a Lien?

There are a number of ways you a lien removal attorney in Jamaica, NY can help you eliminate a lien:

  • Pay off your debt: If you have the funds available to pay your creditors, do so and your attorney can file a lien release form for you as evidence that the debt has been satisfied.
  • File for bankruptcy: It may feel like a defeat but filing for bankruptcy can give you a much-needed fresh start for your financial life. Chapter 7 can remove your lien and allow you to keep your property.
  • Get a court order: Your attorney can help you get a court order to remove a lien if you believe it was placed fraudulently or in bad faith. It may be hard to prove, but if this is your situation, there’s a chance.
  • Negotiate: Your attorney can also help you negotiate with your creditors to remove a lien through arbitration. Agreements such as highly monthly payments on your debt could persuade a creditor to remove the lien.

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