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Aiding Clients in Matters Concerning Leasing Contracts

Landlord-tenant law in this area can be a very complicated matter. Because of the high demand for housing and a limited supply, lease agreements can be dense with provisions unfavorable to both renters and landlords. The Law Office of Ehsanul Habib can help you review and negotiate terms of a lease agreement whether you’re a landlord or tenant.

Attorney Habib is devoted to helping clients understand the details when it comes to the legal situation that a proposed lease agreement presents them. Before you sign, let an experienced lease agreement attorney in Jamaica, NY like Attorney Habib help you make sure every legally binding provision in this crucial contract meets your expectations. Doing so can help you avoid unpleasant surprises for which you didn’t intend to assume liability.

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Offering Legal Services for Rental Agreements

When we review your rental agreement, we’ll keep an eye out for stated obligations to your landlord or tenant. These can include matters concerning security deposit policies and arbitration clauses that can become relevant in the event of a lawsuit regarding the contract. Whether you’re a tenant or landlord, our lease agreement attorney in Jamaica, NY can help you if you’re involved in a lease lawsuit or defense.

We’ve represented many clients who have been involved in a landlord-tenant law dispute regarding lease agreements, and we can help by increasing your odds of achieving favorable results regarding your legal goals and obstacles.

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