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Attorney for Buying a Business in Jamaica, NY

Assisting with Business Purchasing Matters

Buying an existing business is one way that new business owners can sidestep a lot of the complexity and riskiness that can come with a start-up company created from scratch. When you take over someone else’s enterprise, what often comes with it is the work space, employees, licenses, tools, appliances, and more already in place.

There are, however, important financial and legal considerations that an attorney can help you address.

Such considerations can include:

At the Law Office of Ehsanul Habib, our attorney for buying a business in Jamaica, NY can help you through the process of purchasing an existing commercial property. Become familiar with our lawyer and services by taking advantage of a free consultation with Attorney Habib that can occur in-person, over the phone, and during or after business hours.

Contact Attorney Habib online or call (718) 208-4686 to schedule your free consultation. We speak fluent English and Bangali to better serve our clients.

Helping Clients Close a Business Purchase

Once we’ve helped you investigate a company’s assets available for purchase – such as a building, intellectual property, equipment, etc. – we can help you negotiate a fair purchase price from the owner and move forward with the closing process.

Because of the sheer amount of money that would otherwise be needed upfront, it’s not uncommon for businesses to be purchased on a payment plan with a substantial down payment. Such arrangements are the terms of payment that you and the seller will need to negotiate and agree upon before the business can be yours.

Once the purchasable assets and how they’ll be paid for are agreed upon, Attorney Habib can help you review the sale agreement to ensure everything in the contract meets your expectations before signing.

For help with purchasing a business, contact the Law Office of Ehsanul Habib and our attorney for buying a business in Jamaica, NY for more information!

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