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Complete Your Real Estate Transaction with Confidence

Whether this is your first time buying a home or commercial property or you’ve done it before – congratulations! Expanding your real estate portfolio to include even just one property is an exciting time full of possibilities and hope for the future. At the Law Office of Ehsanul Habib, our legal help throughout your real estate closing can help you feel secure enough to keep up the excitement and minimize the worry.

If you’re selling a property, there’s just as much cause for celebration as there is to have a real estate closing lawyer help you feel just as secure and content with the transaction. Whether you're buying or selling, Attorney Habib can work with you to help smooth this complex legal process. Our attorneys will always keep an eye on your interests.

Read on to discover how a Jamaica closing lawyer can help you throughout this process. Contact us online or call (718) 208-4686 when you’re ready for a free consultation.

What Happens at a Real Estate Closing?

A real estate closing is the final piece of a real estate transaction. However, this step comes with its own legal hurdles. These can be a headache to handle without the assistance of an real estate law attorney.

Important legal matters handled during closing include the following and more:

  • The home or commercial property buyer provides a cashier’s check to cover closing costs and fees
  • The property title is signed to the buy from the seller, which transfers ownership
  • A real estate closing attorney will register the new deed with the government, which will list the buyer as the property’s official owner
  • Any real estate agents used will receive commission fees
  • The seller receives the buyer’s remaining funds after their own mortgage balance and closing costs are taken out.

How Does an Attorney Help Me During Closing?

While some states require an attorney present during closing, New York doesn’t require them to be part of the process. Even so, having an attorney with experience in property law represent you is highly advisable. You can rest assured that nothing is being overlooked in this highly complex transaction.

At the Law Office of Ehsanul Habib, Attorney Habib is diligent about explaining to his clients about the details concerning their closing situation so they can rest assured that the process is working for them and as it should.

Attorney Habib offers assistance with a broad range of closing matters, including:

  • Contract signing
  • Ordering/reviewing titles
  • Calculating closing costs and additional amounts
  • Identify liens
  • Ensuring accuracy of all documents

Get help from a real estate closing attorney in Jamaica, NY at the Law Office of Ehsanul Habib. Contact our law firm online today for more information.

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