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When it comes to protecting tenants in the United States, the law takes the matter of eviction rather seriously. If a landlord wants to remove a tenant, they must first take them to court. Any action taken in an attempt to remove a renter from a property without involving the court can tag a landlord with criminal misdemeanor charges.

If you think your landlord illegally evicted you from your home, or if a tenant is accusing you of illegal eviction, the Law Office of Ehsanul Habib can help. Our Jamaica eviction defense attorney helps clients deal with matters of landlord-tenant law concerning unlawful tenant removal by explaining their situation and available options in as much detail as possible.

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Legal Grounds for Eviction in New York

Tenants in New York are commonly evicted for failing to pay rent or otherwise violating the terms of the lease. Before filing an eviction lawsuit, a landlord must first provide an eviction notice to the tenant.

If a tenant has failed to pay rent, a landlord is required to provide a fourteen day notice. This notice provides tenants a fourteen day window to pay rent or move out of the unit. At the end of this period, if the tenant has not paid their rent, the landlord must provide a three-day notice stating they will begin an eviction lawsuit unless the tenant pays or moves.

If a tenant has violated the terms of their lease, the landlord must provide a ten-day notice to fix the violation. If the tenant does not fix the violation as requested, the landlord can then issue a notice of termination, providing a 30 day period for the tenant to move out. If the tenant does not move at the end of this time, the landlord can pursue an eviction lawsuit.

If a tenant is evicted despite correcting a lease violation or paying past-due rent within the notice period, they may have an eviction defense case. Likewise, a tenant may have legal recourse if their nonpayment of rent or lease violation was a result of the landlord not maintaining the rental unit in a fit and habitable condition.

What Does a Wrongful Eviction Look Like?

A wrongful eviction can be any action to remove a renting resident without first taking them to court. Property owners seeking to remove tenants who refuse to pay rent or have violated terms in their lease agreement must first get a court order to start the eviction process.

It is illegal for a landlord to evict a resident by:

  • Removing their personal belongings
  • Padlocking a door
  • Changing the locks
  • Shutting off utilities
  • Removing entry doors
  • Forcibly removing the resident themselves

If you’ve been accused of any of these or other actions against a resident, or have endured them as a resident, reach out to the eviction defense lawyer at the Law Office of Ehsanul Habib. Attorney Habib wants to help clients experiencing landlord-tenant law disputes find agreeable resolutions that provide the best possible outcomes.

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